How Women Are Taking The Events Industry By Storm

Within recent years gender imbalance has been improving, helping women dominate the events industry and pave the way for other women. By demonstrating resilience, creativity and leadership women have climbed their way to the top, with more than 80% of the event workforce in 2021 being comprised of women and the number of women leading event management companies in the last three years rising to 40%! To summarise, women truly have achieved a lot in the events industry and in celebration of International Women’s Day we’ve decided to recognise all the great things women have done in this blog. 

Notable Figures And Their Achievements

The events industry has had many influential women make their mark and provide inspiration to many young women who are just starting and aspire to do the same. We’ve decided to shine some light on a small selection of great women who have taken the events industry by storm. 

Event planning and managing can be challenging, with many long nights, high expectations and events here there and everywhere. Helen Moon is the CEO of EventWell Ltd, which is an organisation dedicated to mental health and well-being in the events industry. She promotes better mental health for event professionals and provides well-being programmes and training for event managers and planners to work in an empathetic and supportive workplace. 

Jeannie Power is an event planner and technologist, with 20 years of experience to the table. She has introduced a unique blend of event planning skills and technical knowledge to bridge the gap between event planners and cutting-edge technology. She thrives on creating customised, engaging attendee experiences through technology with gamification and much more. 

Kate Bullard is a co-founder of eventprofslive, which is a network for corporate event pros and a passion for sustainability. She champions eco-friendly practices in event planning and encourages responsible choices that help an event’s impact on the environment. She has plenty of B2B and corporate event knowledge and earned a spot on C&IT’s Corporate A-List in 2021, where she was recognised as one of the top 20 event planners in the UK. 

As a business owned by women, we take great pride in our team, which comprises inspiring and dedicated women who play a fundamental role in everything we do. each member brings unique talents and perspectives to the table. We are honoured to have a talented, hardworking woman leading us here at World Wide Group! Are you planning an event and don’t know where to turn for support? Get in touch through the contact form below to speak to one of our one of our events and production experts and let’s see how we are able to help you!

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