Event Trends to Know in 2024

Throughout the past year, the events industry has changed substantially. Event planners have set their sights on helping their events become more attendee-focused, beginning to make upping their engagement and accessibility a priority when planning their events. So, what are event planners and managers doing this year to boost this in their events? In this blog, we will discuss key event trends that are coming to the surface in 2024 and how they help events become better experiences for all different kinds of attendees.  

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events have been on the rise since 2021 and to this day their popularity is still increasing. A hybrid event mixes both in-person and virtual components, helping it become the ideal event to target audiences on a wider scale and engage attendees across the globe. This event type usually involves mixing live and pre-recorded content to ensure that attendees always have something to view. Virtual attendees can interact with speakers and do so much more, they can ask questions through live Q&A sessions and are still able to network with the right people by using a virtual networking lounge. Hybrid events are the events of the future and are becoming more common among event planners and managers. With them being one event, but two different experiences, all attendees get a choice to experience the event in their way while still getting the same opportunities as physical attendees.  


As we arrive in 2024 event planners should be harnessing the latest technology and implementing it into their events. Recently event planners and managers have begun to integrate many different technologies into their events, like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Both AR and VR can be great ways to keep your event lively and exciting for all attendees. AR content can be accessed through people’s smartphones and can help create friendly competitions, scavenger hunts, 3D maps and show information about your event. VR can help people connect to the virtual world making them able to create art, interact with presentations and network with virtual attendees, increasing attendee engagement. With all of the recent advancements in technology, event planners should be looking to adopt new strategies that utilize the latest tech.

Interactive Content and Live Streaming

Events are centred around your attendees, whether you’re trying to send a meaningful message or show off a new product it’s all for nought if there is no one there to see or hear your event. Attendee engagement is one of the core focuses during event planning, helping events become more exciting and memorable for all attendees, even if they’re virtual. So, how do you keep so many people engaged? Well, the best solution is to use interactive content to its full potential. Incorporating Q&A sessions, live polls, live streaming for virtual attendees, collaborative virtual workshops, interactive virtual exhibits and attendee-focused content. There are lots of ways to help your attendees connect with your event, even before it has occurred. Using interactive marketing strategies, like social media competitions, special giveaways, VIP perks, free tickets, prize draws and more can help your event reach more people and can also help those who are already planning to attend your event stay interested.

Sustainability in Events

Every year event planners are looking to further reduce their event’s carbon footprint. From picking a sustainable venue to using locally sourced produce for catering, there is always a way to improve your event’s environmental impact! In 2024, sustainability has become a priority when planning and managing an event, nearly every piece of event decor and merchandise can be properly recycled or repurposed for future use. As hybrid events take the world by storm the event industry’s carbon footprint has been reduced drastically, with attendees being able to virtually attend events there is no need to worry about intercontinental travel.

With technology constantly advancing and events becoming greener than ever through hybrid events and many other things, we know 2024 will bring big changes to the events industry. Are you having trouble incorporating these ever-changing trends into your 2024 events? Get in touch with us now through the contact form below and let us help your event become a memorable experience!

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