Key Considerations for Internal Communications and Event Professionals

Every Internal Communications & Event Professional knows the importance of generating positive delegate feedback, particularly in reinforcing key themes and messages. However, in 2024, event delegates have ever-increasing expectations. They want to be immersed in and engaged by the entire event experience. In short, they want to be captivated.


To meet these rising expectations, here are some considerations to plan for and build into your event experience. 

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We know that you can deliver a virtual event experience, but 2023 & 2024 industry research and feedback all points to the fact that in-person is well and truly back and that whatever platform you use to create a virtual event experience, however tailored the delivery, however skilled the technical team, there really is no substitute for the live, in-room, in-person experience.

You really then have three options for your event – likely to be shaped by factors such as the number of potential participants, their seniority & level of influence, their location(s), the scale and importance of the message and of the event itself, who you want to participate as presenters, hosts, plenary session panel members, keynote speakers etc.  All of this is then aligned to your budget.

Lights, Camera, Action!

With three options available – the choice is yours:

  • Live – Single Location, In-Room, In-Person Event
  • Live – Multi-Location, In-Room, In-Person Event
  • Hybrid – Combining A Live, In-Room, In-Person Event With Pre-Recorded & Virtual Content Delivery

To reduce the risk of “doing the same thing and getting the same results” why not share the scale of your real ambitions with World Wide Group?  We will tell you what is possible, against your realistic budget and hopefully inspire you to even greater heights of captivating your audience.  Having worked in over 85 countries and still counting, we know a thing or two about delivering for our clients.


We see so many instances where a client would love to try something new, fresh or different with or for their events, but either a negative past experience or a lack of their own technical knowledge and confidence becomes the blocker.  We get that technology can be daunting, and that there is always something new on the horizon which is being pushed, peddled or promoted, but if you truly want to captivate your audience, then let the technology be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Expert help at the pre-planning stage will allay any fears and hopefully showcase the impact using the right technology for the right circumstances will deliver – after all, we would always want you to be confident in the expert delivery of your event and event content – every time.

What may seem complex, complicated or risky to you, is more than likely our day-to-day workspace and environment – so trust us. 

Mastering Events: The Four Essential Elements for Success

  • Event Management

The Starting Point For Your Ambition.  It’s All In The Planning

  • Event Production

The Key To An In-Room Experience - For The Avoidance of Dead Space & Audio Challenges

  • Video Production & Filmmaking

Capturing Your Event Energy For Evergreen & Multiple Use

(So many events fail to capture the energy and essence of the in-room experience, and yet, it doesn’t have to be that way).  

  • Content Distribution

Professionally Managing Your Speakers, Guests & Other Contributors

Whilst it may seem like the obvious choice to use an in-venue team for one element, an external provider for another and maybe a third-party specialist for something else, this is often a route to disaster.  Imagine that one of the technical elements of your event is not working, or you have a glitch…….  Each of the providers will lay the “blame” at the others’ door, the result being that your problem gets bigger as the clock ticks towards your session.

Choosing a partner who delivers all 4 key elements is a definite headache remover.


Widespread Event Industry research & feedback suggests that unless an audience is engaged in a more immersive and inclusive “experience” they are unlikely to give you a glowing report or the exceptional delegate feedback that drives future event ambitions.  They are simply not looking for passive content sharing, whilst “Death by PowerPoint” was never cool.  So as well as being careful with your choice of Speakers and Hosts, (after all, a subject matter expert is not necessarily an effective and engaging orator or presenter, you have to consider other options too.

So many options exist – including, though not exclusive to:

  • An Event App (But One That Delegates Actually Engage With)
  • Polling
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Ask The Audience Sessions
  • Team Exercises
  • Effective Social Media Engagement
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Gamification

 Make sure that your event really does engage – and your delegates will return time and again – and tell the world too…….


Sustainability is a BIG talking point across the events sector, including with your potential audience.  Whilst we all realise that a purely virtual event is probably THE most sustainable event you could organise, we have already identified that from an audience engagement perspective, these are much, much less appealing.

So, what does sustainability look like for your event?

Well, it is not JUST about the carbon footprint of reducing travel - although with a muti-location hybrid event, you can certainly achieve a significant travel reduction.  Sustainability for World Wide Group clients and events considers:

  • It Starts With Your Event Venue - Choose a Venue With a Published Sustainability Strategy and Check If They Live It?
  • Choosing Your Event Team – The People in Black Behind The Scenes - Wherever Possible Use Local Crew, Efficiently Project Managed By Experts
  • Put Some of Your Speakers In a Local Studio - Can You Utilise Remote Speakers or Contributors?  If You Can, This Opens a World of Additional Potential
  • Choose Locally Sourced, Season Menus - Excellent Seasonal Food Is Often Just a Stones’ Throw Away and Doesn’t Need to Be Shipped In……


So, there you have it.  If you can captivate your audience, they will remember.  They will score your event highly.  Those scores will help to support your budget requests for next time, and they will demonstrate a clear return on your investment.

We hope that you found this blog to be of use and interest.  If so and you want to discuss your event ambitions, please get in touch.  We would be delighted to talk…….

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