How to Incorporate Sustainability into Your Corporate Events

Sustainability is a hot topic for businesses at the minute, and rightly so! Industries should be looking to take steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly, and this includes the event industry. Events, however big or small, have an impact on the environment and event planners should take action to reduce this impact. We’ve put together some information on the ins and outs of sustainable events, and what you can do to reduce your events impact on the planet.

What Is a Sustainable Event?

To organise a sustainable event, event planners will have to first learn what one is. Sustainable events are events that are planned in a way that reduces event waste and the event’s impact on the environment. They promote being eco-friendly by using recycled products and greener venues.  

What Could You do to Make Your Event Sustainable?

There are so many things you could do to make your event more sustainable. However, rather than changing everything all at once, it is best to pinpoint key areas that need an eco-friendly transformation and work on changing them first. While planning your event, take note of your most to least sustainable areas. You’ll need to consider which areas use the largest amount of plastic and paper, what food you’re serving and what transportation will your attendees be using to get to the event. Once this information is acquired, you can easily identify which areas need to be focused on to improve sustainability. There are plenty of sustainable options for every area of your event from catering to venues. We've highlighted below some considerations when planning your sustainable event.

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How Green are Your Venues?

Finding a venue is a substantial part of planning an event, which is why it is key to choose a venue that prides itself on its sustainability. There are many things that venues can do to help reduce their impact on the environment, which will altogether lower your event’s impact on the environment as well. Some features to look out for include:

  • Supports the reduction of plastic products and has available areas for recycling.
  • Is able to help save resources like water and power.
  • Is the venue in an accessible area so your attendees can travel by foot, public transport or carpooling? 
  • Do they have any sustainability certifications? 
  • Does your venue have lots of natural light?

Leave Paper and Plastic in the Past!

Venues can only do so much to aid you on your path to planning a sustainable event. They can offer you the areas to recycle plastics, but it’s up to you and your attendees to use them! Encourage your attendees to recycle and educate them on the benefits of making more sustainable choices. Going paper-free is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of waste your event creates, since most of the paper you use for your event will end up in the rubbish. One of the best ways to avoid using paper for things like invitations and brochures is by having a more digital approach to your event. For example, instead of sending out paper invitations, send out digital ones.

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Using Locally Sourced Produce for Catering.

When planning your event, it is highly likely that you’ll want to serve food. Whether it’s a big awards dinner or just canapes, an admirable way to make this aspect of your event sustainable is by using locally sourced produce. Using local sellers doesn’t just reduce your impact on the environment, it also aids local businesses and has a great economic impact on the area where you’re hosting your event.

Helping our planet is something we should already be doing not just in events, but in everyday life. Sustainable events are the now, and are not just about reducing the events impact on the environment, but also about educating your delegates on living a more sustainable lifestyle. Are you planning a sustainable event, but are struggling to get it off the ground? Get in touch with us by filling out the form below and lets discuss how we can help. 

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