6 Event Trends You Need to Know in 2023

As we dive deeper into 2023, staying ahead of the events industry is bound to become harder than ever. With the rising competition and tightening of budgets, how can event organisers keep their experiences engaging and innovative?  Well, to help get ideas flowing, we’ve created a list of all the event trends organisers need to be implementing into their 2023 event strategy.

Virtual Experiences

Gone are the days of never-ending Zoom conferences without a care for the virtual audience. The industry is seeing advancements in virtual event technology that offers attendees a customised, slick and engaging experience. Companies are thinking smarter, creating an online space that is unique to their brand and using artificial intelligence to build a personalised attendee experience. Here’s some of the ways you could use AI in your 2023 events:

  • Customise agendas and recommend event sessions of interest to your attendees based off their interests and buying habits. 
  • Increase networking opportunities by connecting like-minded individuals based on their industry, interests or backgrounds.
  • Implement live polling, chat bots and surveys to receive real-time feedback on sessions and speakers, allowing you to make more strategic choices on future events.
  • Break language barriers and use AI as a personal translator for guests, no matter the language they speak.
  • Gather measurable data such as watch time, session popularity, and behavior flows.

Focus on going green

A hot topic for the industry this year is sustainability, and rightly so! Everyone has to play their part in making our world healthier, including event managers and organisers. As businesses become more eco-conscious, we’re seeing them host events that make sustainability a priority from the outset. 

Whether that’s by sourcing local food and drinks, choosing recyclable event materials or creating a digital event agenda instead of printing one. There are many little steps you can take to help reduce your event’s impact on the environment.  Think about how you can educate your attendees on your business’s mission to become more sustainable, and the actions they can take themselves to help make a positive impact on the world. 

Utilising event data

You can add gamification, photobooths and exciting interactive elements to your event, however these are of no benefit if you don’t track how they have increased attendee engagement. Planning a great event requires you to look back on previous events and incorporate activities that have previously performed. 

By capturing this data digitally, your results will be more accurate and event planners will gain a more accurate understanding to which activities help improve attendee experiences. Utilising this information will help push your event strategy in the right direction, aid all future events and answer so many questions. Such as, has your event made a positive impact and opened up new opportunities? Or, what interactive element was most popular with your attendees?

Putting attendee experience first

As we progress more into 2023 people are keen to get back to in-person experiences. They’ve been stuck to screens and have been social distancing for too long, people are at the point where they want experiences that make them feel connected to others. Which is why event managers need to break new ground to provide an experience to remember. Some ways to help your event become more experience focused are: 

Creative strategies and themes

Event managers are facing increased pressure to create the best experience with limited resources. There’s a growing need for organisers to tap into their creative side and think smarter on how to host memorable, captivating and relevant events. There are many different ways to craft memorable events, and choosing an exciting event theme is just one of them! 

Your theme could be unconventional and unique, it could be based around the purpose of your event or your business’s brand values. If you’re passionate about sustainability, how about theming your event around the environment? Or if your brand is all about innovation maybe you could theme your event around technology. Another way to help your event become unforgettable, is by adding interactive activities for your attendees , for example: photobooths, contests, virtual and augmented reality and interactive food and drink stations.

Incorporate your team into your marketing strategy

As the industry begins to build itself back up from the huge hit it took in 2020, event managers are going to need more than just an event managing mindset to help boost their event. Social media and content-creation has become a great way of promoting an event and helping it reach a larger audience. 

As well as promoting the event through marketing campaigns, how about sharing a multitude of different perspectives. Encourage event staff to create content themselves such as promotional images, videos and selfies of them or their team. Have them send the content to a central hub where it can be edited to your brand guidelines and published as a behind the scenes of the event day. 

This year is going to be a year for change within the event industry. Companies are shifting to a more sustainable event strategy and thinking smarter on ways to engage their attendees. With all of these new trends and ideas, events are becoming far more interactive and experience led. Still stuck on how to incorporate some of these trends into your upcoming event? Get in touch by filling out the contact form below. 

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