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How Events Can Ramp up Your Sales and Marketing Game

With ever changing trends and tight resources it can be hard for marketers to know just exactly where to spend their budgets. While different platforms and advertising trends come and go, events are tangible and memorable experiences that remain with your audience. Delegates might not have a need for your product/service at the time, but a memorable experience puts your brand at the forefront of their mind when they do. 

According to marketing charts 31% of marketers consider events essential to doing business and according to Statista 44% of marketers experience a 3:1 ROI from event marketing. When events are delivered strategically they can help build brand awareness, nurture customer relations and generate leads. If you aren’t using events to your advantage, here’s some reasons why you should be: 

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List of Leads

An event is an effective way of creating a sales pipeline and generating a list of leads for you to nurture. They also provide a face-to-face contact that accelerates your relationship with existing prospects. You should take time to profile your attendees to understand their interests and challenges and how you can help them. Delegates that attend your event will naturally be warmer than those who couldn’t make it, but all contacts who registered were interested initially. Take the time to retarget these prospects and direct them to on-demand event content.

Reinforces Your Brand and Values

Events give you an opportunity to showcase your key values. Through speakers, ceremonies and activities right down to staging and production, you can design every aspect of your event to reflect your mission as a brand. This builds trust and a form of connection between your audience and your brand.

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Build Your Industry Position

Invite your clients, partners, industry professionals and prospects to an event that shows you bring new ideas to the industry. Establish yourself as thought leaders by creating sessions on your opinions and your views of trends. 


Use your event to thank your loyal partners and clients. The more valued your clients feel, the more likely they are to keep returning to you. 

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Content Generation

Whether your events are virtual or live, they provide you with a bank of content that can be used during and post event. Live sessions can be recorded and used along with pre-recorded sessions on-demand. This allows a wider global reach and ensures anyone, anywhere can engage with your content, whether they were able to make the event or not. Ensure all your content offers something of value to your audience: something educational, relevant and relatable to cut through sales orientated collateral. Events can provide you with an arsenal of content from highlight videos, time lapses, attendee surveys or even interviews with guests, so ensure you take the opportunity to gather as much as possible to use post event.

Press Attention

By building anticipation in advance of your event, it can become a conversation that interests the press. Hint at high profile speakers or reveal unique content will be occurring at your event – maybe you could break a Guinness world record or use your event as an opportunity for experiential marketing. Involve delegates in a collaborative activity and encourage them to share this to their social platforms. Think out of the box to create an activity that is distinctive to your brand and sure to get people talking – the wackier the better!

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SEO Improvements

Increased online conversation surrounding your event often leads to improvement in your websites ranking. Use social media to start the conversation and encourage traffic through to your website and enter your events on local listing websites and relevant directories to boost backlinks. 

Events should work in conjunction with other marketing efforts and form part of an overall holistic marketing strategy. They deliver strong engagement, tangible data and speed up the buying process by building connection and trust with your brand. If you need help incorporating events into your strategy, our team of event specialists are on hand to help. Get in touch by filling in the contact form below!

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