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The workplace has changed: but has your internal communications strategy evolved too?

Remote working isn’t new, but it did become the new normal for a period of time over last year. There’s no denying that the standard office workplace has changed. Some employees have not yet returned to their workplace and others are pushing for flexibility on the back of the pandemic. With more people out of the office and staff shortages a concern for most businesses, internal communication has never been more relevant than today. Despite working from home offering a healthier work life balance, employees can easily feel disconnected from the organisation, reducing enthusiasm and therefore reducing productivity. A distributed team coupled with an ever-growing range of communication channels and platforms makes creating an internal communication strategy difficult. So, here’s 5 internal communication ideas to incorporate into your strategy. 

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1. Segmented Messaging

Not all your employees are interested in the same news, achievements or even goals. Personalise news feeds and emails to suit different job roles and sectors of the business. Whilst different sectors will be working towards the same wider business goals, employees personal or individual goals will be very different. Intranet social feeds are the perfect solution to this. By creating dedicated hashtag channels such as #marketing or #customerservice different employees can follow the content that applies to them, the content they are more likely to read and engage with. 

2. Video Messaging From Senior Leaders

Ragan found that 75% of employees are more likely to watch video than read text. Not only have team meetings become more difficult to hold, but retaining employees engagement over a Zoom or Teams call can be challenging. A short video message from a CEO can be more impactful and motivational for remote workers, and good way of aligning employees with company goals and values. Outlining objectives for the business ensures that everyone, whether in the office or working from home is working towards the same goal. 

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3. Benefits of Success

Show that you appreciate hard working employees. Personal recognition doesn’t have to be expensive: you could create posts or newsletters on the employees success, introduce badges of achievement on your intranet or even just send them a thoughtful message. Recognised employees will see that they are valued, while others are motivated by the work they’ve achieved. Maybe you could incorporate a point based recognition strategy, allowing employees to build up their points and then redeem prizes they actually want, instead of a generic prize sent out to all award winners. 

4. Give Your Employees a Voice

Whether that be through quick polls or surveys, your employees need to feel as though they are heard. Not only can the polls be used to help identify improvements to your overall internal communications strategy, they can help identify improvements in other sectors of the business, encourage a discussion or add some fun into their day! It’s important you encourage more than just formal communication between your employees, so ask about events in the news, trending TV, or even what they’re having for lunch, it all increases engagement!

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5. Create Brand Experiences Everyone Can Be Involved In

Though live events are slowly returning, not everyone can meet in a room for team building, awards ceremonies or training events, so make the most of the hybrid environment. Host internal events that involve both a live audience and remote workers to show that every employee is valued. An internal event brings together key stakeholders with all other positions in the business, encouraging feedback from every sector, regardless of seniority. Key company values can be promoted and employee relationships can be built making for a more efficient and hardworking team!

After a year of distributed workforces, internal communication has never been more important to ensure your team is working collaboratively, keeping motivated and finding purpose behind their work. So, put these ideas to use and make sure your internal communications strategy keeps up to date with new working habits. If you need advice about how to integrate these ideas into your strategy, our team are on hand to help, so get in touch by filling the contact form in below!

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