How AI is Shaping the Future of the Events Industry

AI, otherwise known as artificial intelligence, is an algorithm that is able to carry out tasks that require human intelligence, and it’s taking the world by storm! Chat-bots, art generators, search engines, facial recognition and more have become a part of everyone’s daily lives, making tasks easier. AI has changed many things for people around the world, so what will it change about the events industry? In this blog, we will discuss the ways that AI can, and will, change future events and how they’re managed. 

Planning and Managing Events

One of the amazing things that AI can help with is planning and managing events. Some aspects of an event can be managed or created by AI to make the event planning quicker, easier and smoother for businesses. AI has grown to be very efficient and has become a very useful tool for event planners and managers, saving time when planning events and reducing staff costs by letting AI do the simpler tasks. One of the ways AI can help plan your event is:  

Automation AI tools are popping up everywhere and businesses, agencies and event planners are beginning to use them for their events. Automation is a great way to save on time and manpower, helping your event run efficiently.  Some of the various jobs that it can help with are: 

Enhance Attendee Engagement

Attention spans are getting shorter and long format content is becoming harder for audiences to digest, meaning it is crucial that your events strategy keeps your attendees engaged. AI has become a leading way of ensuring your audiences participate and remain entertained throughout your event. How does it manage to do that? Well, we believe these are some of the best examples of what AI can do for you to keep engagement levels high:

One of the ways that AI can enhance attendee engagement is by using gamification techniques. AI algorithms can help with the creation of interactive activities and competitions, helping motivate all your attendees and keep them entertained as well as invested in your event. AI can create point’s systems, relevant quizzes, interactive challenges and much more.

Integrating a virtual assistant into your event planning and management can really help your in-person attendee experience become more personal. Virtual assistants can do many things like providing a personal agenda for each attendee, helping attendees navigate around the venue and much more. Virtual assistants that are powered by AI can take smaller jobs and execute them quickly, saving time for event planners to work on bigger aspects of the event.

AI is used for entertainment, a simple sentence can create full videos, art pieces and even create code for programs. So how is AI able to entertain your attendees and keep them engaged? Well, AI is great at personalisation and is able to bring together perfect music playlists and art based on your attendee’s preferences, providing ideas for unique experiences and executing them perfectly. 

AI is able to engage with virtual attendees by answering their frequently asked questions through chatbots. They can be programmed to remind virtual attendees when a session is about to start, direct them around the event site and even encourage conversation between attendees online.  AI chatbots are also able to check-in on your attendees before, during and after the event, gathering valuable data and feedback on how your virtual audience is finding the event. 

Marketing and Promotion

AI also has an impact on the marketing side of events, helping marketers generate excitement before and after events. By using AI to collect data, marketers can gain an in-depth insight into your event attendees, finding out their likes and dislikes in order to create more personalised communications. AI can help maximise conversions and ROI from your events through sending automated follow-ups after the event. 

AI can also identify patterns for in-depth audience segmentation, using the information given when registering to group attendees based on their interests and preferences. This allows you to create tailored and personal experiences for each attendee.  Using AI to help create first drafts can streamline the content creation process and improve the efficiency of campaign planning.  AI is also able to help marketers after an event has taken place by tracking social listening, mentions and hashtags to understand how attendees are responding to your event and what aspect of your event people are talking about most.  

More Networking Opportunities

Events happen for different reasons, whether that be a product launch, awards ceremony or networking opportunity. AI can help planners by analysing attendees interests and what they’re looking to gain from the event. Using AI can help personalise agendas and tailor session types to meet the needs of your attendees. It can also help your attendees network with the right people based on shared interests, therefor creating more meaningful connections. 

Feedback and Analysis

AI has an amazing talent of taking in and analyzing data from a multitude of sources. Data can be collected through lots of different methods like feedback forms, registration for events, chatbots and any type of post or pre-event surveys. The data that is collected through the surveys can impact the future of your events, identifying what was popular with your attendees and what wasn’t. AI can help highlight these trends by looking through the data and providing information on what should be included in the next event and what shouldn’t, freeing up the event planner to take on other tasks and helping all future events keep up to the latest trends in the events industry. 

Planning, managing and executing events has become easier because of AI. Keeping up to date with the newest technologies and AI tools, as well as making sure you use them to their full potential, will improve your events significantly. Are you looking for someone to aid you with your event but don’t know where to turn? Get in touch with us by filling out the form below and let’s discuss how we can help you get your event off the ground. 

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