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BAFTA Radically Changes Voting Procedures

After the widespread criticism for February’s film awards, the institution has made over 120 changes to its voting procedures, membership and campaigning processes. After no actors of colour were nominated for the major acting categories and no female filmmakers nominated for the best director prize, BAFTA is increasing the number of nominees in these categories to 6 instead of 5 to allow for more diversity.

Best Film Bafta Nominations

Round One

Round one consists of 15 nominees being listed for each category, with BAFTA’s Acting Chapter ranking the top 12 as long-listed. A separate long listing jury will then select the final three based on the performances of those placed 13-22.

Round Two

Round Two consists of a nominating jury considering the 15 nominated for each category and short listing these to the 6 nominees. The nominating juries include 10-12 industry experts of a range of backgrounds, age and experience. BAFTA have also now made it compulsory for all voters, chapters and juries to have watched all long-listed films before voting in an effort to reduce votes based off name recognition rather than new talent and so the attention isn’t solely devoted to the biggest films.

Director Bafta Nominations
Best Actor and Actress Bafta Nominations

Round Three

Round three then allows all BAFTA members to choose the winning nominee from the chosen 6. They are also introducing a new long listing round of voting to allow for broader representations of nominees. All acting entrants must now decide whether to submit for lead or supporting actor/actress categories, where previously they were entered in both. According to BAFTA this is to allow for a broader range of performances to be considered, expanding its membership by 1000 in a bid to further diversify its voting base, targeting new members from under-represented backgrounds.

“After last year’s nominations, we started the Bafta review process with the intention of levelling the playing field and introduced a range of measures to ensure that all entered films were seen by our members and judged on merit,”

Majumdar said.

Ten titles instead of the previous six will now be nominated for the Outstanding British Film Award, which according to BAFTA will ‘do more to champion the vast pool of multicultural British Talent’ and to shine a ‘spotlight on homegrown talent.’ Through these changes BAFTA hope to represent a more diverse and inclusive membership that in their words, “reflects today’s British society. The BAFTA Steering Group has identified this as necessary for the long-term success and relevance of BAFTA as a leading industry body as it continues to drive change across the industry.

Outstanding British Film Bafta Nominations

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