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A Day in the Life of a Production Assistant At World Wide Group


After setting five alarms and nodding off after each one, I reluctantly crawl out of bed and start my day with an omelette and cup of tea. I get ready for work and set off for the day ahead.


I’m often the first to the office so I start by unlocking and setting the workspace up! I’m on immediate brew duty and in the meantime I reply to any emails to make sure I’m up to date and aware of anything that has upcoming deadlines.

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By now I’m fully settled in for the day. One of the best aspects of my role at World Wide Group is that my role varies daily, I can go from booking and managing crews to transferring files and hard drives. I could be editing footage for showreels one day and reading through information on possible clients another. I’m also called on whenever there’s any issues IT wise, some would even say the “tech guy.” 


Lunch Time… the best time of the day.  I went for chicken, rice and peppers today but otherwise I usually nip to McDonalds for a wrap! In normal times the team will sometimes head to the pub for an hour as a pick me up for the afternoon. If I haven’t completed my morning project I usually like to continue through my lunch to make sure I’ve got a head start for the afternoon. I’m not someone to leave something half done, once I’ve started something I need to finish it.


I continue the last hours of my day replying to client emails and making sure anything urgent for the day is done. I never like to leave anything for the next day so I make sure I’m completely up to date with any tasks. I also deal with the legal side of any ongoing work, signing release forms and generally making sure everything is in good shape and ticking over! Fingers crossed as things start returning to normal, I’ll be back on site making sure any shoots or filming is on track.

A open notebook and a cup of coffee


By now I’m starting to wind down and plan anything that I know I can work on tomorrow. I’m usually one of the last in the office so I do a quick clean down, collect any mugs and lock up for the night.


The perfect way for me to wind down is watching The Office. After already watching the UK version, twice… I’ve had to resort to watching the US version which isn’t even nearly on par. I make myself some dinner for the night and wind down in front of the telly before nodding off to bed!

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