Yogurt, strawberries, and oats in a breakfast bowl

A Day in the Life of a Client Relationship Manager at World Wide Group


I’m an early bird! I like to make the most of my day so I usually crawl out of bed and straight to the kettle for some coffee. When I finally start to function I take Audrey, our Staffie cross, out for a quick walk. As most dog owners will understand… this has quickly become a highlight of my day, saying hello to other dog walkers and having some form of communication with everything going on! After walking my usual route I head home for some yoghurt and granola to set me up for the day. 

A sunset rising over freshly cut grass


Like most people, the first thing I do is check my emails and reply to anything urgent before moving on to my weekly jobs! Mondays I tackle the payroll, but otherwise, my job can consist of me organising invoices from our American clients, managing weekly timesheets or just general HR work. The best aspect of my job is definitely the people I work with… I’ve never felt more supported and spirited in a role before. Everything we do is very collaborative, it’s a team where everyone mucks in to get the job done. Exactly how I love to work! 


Over lockdown, I have developed quite a routine when lunchtime comes around. Being at home comes with benefits and better food is definitely one of those… I have time to cook myself something warm and enjoy some time away from the computer. With limited options of things to do, I’ll usually take another walk down to the canal or work on some artwork. A particular passion of mine is making anything and everything out of paper mâché! After finishing my giant Jammy Dodger model, I’ve begun making a huge Belgian Bun to add to my paper mâché dessert collection! 


In the afternoon I’m usually finishing off my morning project, whether that’s onboarding new freelancers or resolving any pay issues. I also like to have weekly meetings with clients as a temperature check to spot any problems and celebrate any successes. My afternoons tend to get hectic when our American clients and employees begin waking up. The last few hours of my day often involve me navigating none stop zoom calls and handing any work over to our office in America. 

Notebook open on a page with a pen on it. Laptop in the background.


At this time I religiously grab myself a mocha and a snack… I’ve grown an unhealthy addiction to cream eggs over lockdown so I grab one of those as my sugar kick for the afternoon and get back to it! By this time I'm on my last call to America of the day as it’s often when they are waking up! I pass the baton on and we usually end up discussing differences in British and American language…. They now know what prams are and that we have a pancake day! I had a lot of jealous looking faces when I described what it consisted of. 

A coffee on a plate with a spoon, topped with whipped cream

6:30 pm

Me and my other half usually take it in turns cooking…. tonight it’s on me and my legendary chilli! After that, I’ll either continue constructing my giant Belgian bun or wind down for the night with some TV. 

If you haven't already, click here to find out what our production assistant Josh gets up to in a day at World Wide Group. As well as booking crews, transferring files and editing footage, he's also taken on the role as our go to "tech guy" and perfect brew maker.

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